Master of Ceremonies (toast-master)

Master of Ceremonies

Master of Ceremonies

Why do you need M.C. and what criteria should he meet?

First of all M.C. sets the tone for the event. He binds all the components of the party together using speeches, toasts, musical pauses, jokes etc. It is necessary to have smooth transitions between games, dancing part and performances of the artists. His task is very complicated and demands responsibility. The celebration cannot be repeated again, so M.C. has no right to relax not for a single moment. He takes into account people’s mood. If one of the guests looks sad, tired or a little bit drunk – our toast-master won’t impose himself on the guest but at the same time he’ll pay enough attention to each participant of the event. All the people at the wedding party should be involved in celebration. Among other things M.C. should have effective speaking skills and make creative toasts.

A skilled M.C. is able to improvise. There are no embarrassing moments during the party - our toast-master easily turns them into a harmless joke. Our M.C. has a great sense of humor and charisma. In fact, the dynamics of the event depends on M.C.’s temper. If the toast-master is a calm person, so the atmosphere of the celebration will be smooth and relaxed. At the same time active and talkative M.C. won’t let the guests get bored, making them take part in interesting games or move on the dance floor. Respectable toast-master, who likes to sit and talk, won’t prohibit people from sitting at the table. Like nobody else he understands how necessary is a delicious meal and a heart-to-heart talk.

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