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Wedding coordinator in the creative agency “Kapriz” is an essential part of comprehensive organization of a wedding. Coordinators are responsible for the job of the whole team during the day. According to the scale of the project we determine the number of coordinators for the event, and divide the duties among them.

Duties of the wedding coordinator. The day before the event, coordinator should call each of the working staff or official representative to agree on the time of their arrival and being ready according to a timing plan. He or she should gather all wedding attributes and deliver them to the right place and in the right time according to the check list. And of course, coordinator should agree on restaurant work.

On the wedding day coordinator should be sure that each of the working staff is in the right place in time. He or she has to check up table positioning at the restaurant, approve the seating chart and put the place cards on the tables. Also the duties of coordinator are the next: monitoring of decoration of the banquet hall and wedding ceremony venue; preparation of all necessary attributes and props for the event; taking care of sound condition and timely plate service; meeting the artists and paying each of them after their performance; help the guests in different situations (calling a taxy, for example) and ability to deal with force majeure circumstances.

If the duty of the coordinator is to help the bride, he or she usually begins the day in the bride’s apartment (or hotel). During the whole time the coordinator takes the responsibility for making the bride’s day comfortable. Welcoming and direction the guests to their places are not the duties of the coordinator. It is better to take a hostess for that and give her the seating chart in advance.

The wedding coordinator is not only control, but also responsibility, scrupulosity, flexibility and creativity. Wedding is a special and unforgettable event, and Creative agency “Kapriz” is ready to discuss all your desires.

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