Special effects for the wedding dance



What visual effects can you use for the wedding dance?

One of the most delightful and affecting moments of the wedding is the dance of the newlyweds. It gives a lot of pleasant emotions and brings tears of joy to everyone’s eye. Often the wedding dances are as like as two peas in a pod. Do you want to make your dance special? We offer you some ways of emphasizing this tender moment.

Smoke effects

Smoke, haze and “low-lying” effects during the wedding dance create a mysterious atmosphere. Slow and sensual dance in a haze makes everyone feel the magic of this moment. To decorate the wedding dance with any kind of smoke one can with the help of smoke-machine.

Indoor firework

One more effective way to make the wedding dance brighter is the indoor firework. It can be used either indoors, because it is completely smokeless, or outdoors. It looks unforgettable even in the daytime.

Artificial snow looks very exotic in summer. The snowflakes will be slowly spinning around the young couple at the time of the dance. We can use different kinds of lighting to make the impression more colorful.

You can also choose various forms of lighting:

Strobe – is an instrument used to make bright, repetitive, short flashes of light, or for the light curtain effect.

Black lights are used to make the fluorescent covering, clothes and special paints be seen in the dark.

Laser light creates the projection of graphics, drawing objects, logotypes and other lighting effects on wall or visual display. It is good for indoor event.

The use of air balloons is a nice and one of the simplest ways to make the wedding dance brighter. It can be filled with tinsel or confetti and looks very nice.

Rose petals. All the guests can take part in the wedding dance, sprinkling rose petals on the newlyweds. It is not only a decoration of the event but also an old tradition, because rose petals symbolize love and happiness.

Candles, standing in a half-circle on the tables or on the floor, look fabulous. The twilight of the interior with dramatic shadows brings romantic mood to the dance. You can use this way of decoration on a big area. Alternatively, you can ask the guests to make a half-circle, and hand out the candles to them. Don’t forget about fire safety measures.

Confetti cracker is one of the most marvelous effects for the wedding dance. Gleaming and swirling confetti and tinsel look like colorful rain, and it will impress everyone. 


You can use a confetti machine - so the confetti will be swirling around during the whole dance. It would be better to add such effects in moments of culmination, such as a dance lift, or at the end of the dance.


The effect of soap-bubbles during the wedding dance is no less touching. Different ways of lighting and thousands of soap-bubbles, floating in the air, turn the wedding dance into a fascinating and glorious action.

One more way to make the wedding dance interesting is to invite professional dancers. Their task is not to draw attention to themselves but to emphasize the dancing couple.

And don’t forget, that the main decoration of the wedding dance is a sincere smile and sparkling eyes of the newlyweds. We have a great amount of ideas for the wedding dance. Wait for your call.  

Bubble-machine – 400 ₴

“Heavy” smoke – 2000 ₴

Snow-machine – 500  ₴

Smoke machine – 400 ₴

Outdoor fireworks – 800 ₴ (per 1)

Inflatable flowers ( white lilies) – 2500 ₴

Transport expenses in summer (outside the city) – 10 ₴ (per km)

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